My dissertation project was inspired by Bloodroot Feminist Vegetarian Restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After meeting Selma Miriam and Noel Furie of Bloodroot, I became fascinated by the idea of feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses. These spaces speak to the intersections of feminist, environmentalist, and food history. Through my interviews  with the founders of Bloodroot and my research in the Schlessinger Archives of Radcliffe at Harvard University and the Sallie Bingham Archives of Duke University, I became aware of Mother Courage Restaurant in New York City and Bread and Roses in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From there I conducted interviews with Patricia Hynes of Bread and Roses and did more research in the Yale Archives. Later for my masters research, when I was focusing on Canadian feminist restaurants, I went to the Gaies Archives of Quebec and the Ontario Women's Movement Archives. For my doctoral research I have also utilized the Northeastern University Archives, the LAMBDA Archives of San Diego, Smith College Archives, New York University's archives at the Tamiment Library and the Fales Library, the John J. Wilcox Archives at the William Way Center of Philadelphia, and the University of Minnesota Archives. I have also continued conducting interviews with other feminist restaurant, cafe, and coffeehouse owners and staff.

I have located the majority of the restaurants through advertisements in feminist periodicals; through lesbian travel directories and gay yellow pages; in interviews; and through word of mouth.

tl;dr: Archives, Interviews, Feminist Periodicals, and Word of Mouth

Get Involved/ How you can help:
Help me build my database. Let me know if there are any feminist restaurants that are not listed in the directories that you have heard of.