Alex Ketchum's peer reviewed academic publications on feminist restaurants:

"Counter Culture: The Making of Feminist Food," Cuizine: Journal of Canadian Food Studies. Volume 2, Number 2. 2016/2017.  (open access)

"'The Place We've Always Wanted to Go But Never Could Find': Finding Woman Space in Ontario's Feminist Restaurants and Cafes 1974-1982," forthcoming in Feminist Studies. Issue 44, Number 1. 2018.

"Memory Has Added Seasoning: The Legacy of Feminist Restaurants in the United States and Canada." in peer review for Anthropology of Food. 2017/2018.

“Restaurant Management” in Albala, Ken. The Sage Encyclopedia of Food Issues. Sage Publications, 1203-1206. 2015.

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Interviewed by Radio-Canada: Winnipeg by Martine Bordeleau. « la journée de la femme et le mouvement d'identité féministe dans des restaurants>>; March 8, 2017.