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OA refers to open access versions of my publication. 

Refereed Books 

Ingredients for Revolution: American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffeehouses, 1972- 2022 
(Concordia University Press 2022), 440 pages (OA link)

engage in public scholarship book cover

Engage in Public Scholarship!: A Guidebook on Feminist and Accessible Communication (
Concordia University Press 2022), 384 pages, (OA link)

Books in Development
Recoding Feminisms: Algorithmic Resistance, Resilience, and Liberation (1956-2022), in research and early writing stage

Trade Books/ Bookettes
Buy a copy of How to DIY A Feminist Restaurant
(only $4.95 through Microcosm Publishing):

Buy a copy of How to Organize Inclusive Events: A Handbook for Feminist, Accessible, and Sustainable Gatherings (only $5.95 through Microcosm Publishing): 

PhD Dissertation: 
“Serving Up Revolution: Feminist Restaurants, Cafés, and Coffeehouses from 1972-1989 in the United States and Canada” (2018): Downloadable PDF available here

Alex Ketchum's peer reviewed journal articles:

“Kitchen BYTES: The RetroFuturism of Kitchen Computers and Robots,” Gastronomica, Summer, accepted and forthcoming (issue # 23.1), 2023, (OA version:


“AI, Big Data, and Surveillance Zines as Forms of Community Healthcare”
with Nina Morena, Journal of Feminist Media Studies, published Nov 28, 2022, OA version:

 “‘All Are Welcome Here’?: Navigating Race, Class, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, and Disability in American Feminist Coffeehouses of the 1970s and 1980s” in Gender, Work, Organization, December 2020, doi: 10.1111/gwao.12595

"Counter Culture: The Making of Feminist Food," Cuizine: Journal of Canadian Food Studies. Volume 2, Number 2. 2016/2017. (open access)

"'The Place We've Always Wanted to Go But Never Could Find': Finding Woman Space in Ontario's Feminist Restaurants and Cafes 1974-1982," Feminist Studies, Issue 44, Number 1, 2018, 126-152.
(open access repository link: )

"Cooking the Books: Feminist Restaurant Owners’ Relationships with Banks, Loans and Taxes," Journal of Business History, October 17, 2019: 

« Memory Has Added Seasoning », Anthropology of Food [Online], Articles, Online since 26 April 2019: (open access)

“Lost Spaces, Lost Technologies, and Lost People: Online Public History Projects Seeking to Recover LGBTQ+ Histories” Digital Humanities Quarterly (2020) Issue 14.3 (open access)

“Say “Hi” From Gaia”: Women’s Travel Guides and Lesbian Feminist Community Formation in the Pre-Internet Era (1975-1992),” Journal of Feminist Media Studies (2019).

CuiZine Spring Issue of 2018: “Fermentation as Engagement: on more-than-human connections and materiality,” Guest Editor Introduction, (open access)

CuiZine Winter Issue of 2019: "Fermentation as Agitation: Transforming how we live together", Guest Editor Introduction:
(open access)

“Brewing Change: Gender and Labour in Historical Texts”  Chapter in Musings Stories with Food, Feminism, Fermentation, December 1,2019,  pages 36-39: (open access)

Refereed Book Chapters 

“University Media Relations, Public Scholarship, and Online Harassment” in Carrie Baker and Aviva Dove-Viebahn (eds.), Public Feminisms: Community Engagement through Writing, Research and Activism, Lever Press, (accepted and forthcoming winter 2023 in open access)

“Recipe for a Queer Cookbook,” chapter in Queering Nutrition and Dietetics: LGBTQ+ Reflections on Food Through Art, edited by Phillip Joy and Megan Aston, Routledge, Ch. 18, 127-134, October 2022

“The Surprisingly Long History of Feminist Eateries on Instagram,” in Food Instagram: Identity, Influence, and Negotiation edited volume by Emily Contois and Zenia Kish, University of Illinois Press, published May 2022  

Wright, D., Ketchum, A., Marks, G., “Draft Doctors: The Migration of American Physicians to Canada during the Vietnam War”, in Laurence Monnais and David Wright (eds.), Doctors without Borders: The Transnational Migration of Physicians in the Twentieth Century (Toronto: University of Toronto Press: 2016), 166-184.

Conference Proceedings
“Counter Narratives: American and Canadian Feminist Restaurants from 1972 to Present” in Food and Power: the Oxford Food Symposium 2019 Proceedings. Oxford Food Symposium, 151-161.


“Report on the State of Resources Provided to Support Scholars Against Harassment, Trolling, and Doxxing While Doing Public Media Work and How University Media Relations Offices/ Newsrooms Can Provide Better Support,” Canada wide research study, July 15, 2020

LGBTQIA2S+ Student, Faculty, and Staff Activism at McGill Exhibit physical exhibit October 3- December 20, 2022 on main floor of McLennan Library online exhibit with hundreds of entries at, includes classroom materials, resources for researchers

From Tech Wizard to Cyber Witch: 40 Years of Invocations of Computing Technologies as Magic, digital exhibit launched April 10, 2022,

"What’s the Recipe for a Queer Cookbook: North American Queer Cookbooks and Recipes.” Physical exhibit: August 18- December 20, 2021. Digital exhibit:

"Gendered Cultures of Beer and Cheese: the regulation of human and microbial bodies on the home and industrial scales." Osler Library of the History of Medicine (September-October 2017)
Mentioned on the radio program: A Way With Words on November 6:

Find out what's being written and said about Alex Ketchum's Research!

Interview on the Academic Life Podcast on the New Books Network, “Can we Engage in Public Scholarship with Feminist and Accessible Communication?”:, March 9, 2023
“Dip Me In Honey and Throw Me to Lesbians,” Interview on History is Gay Podcast:, Feb 6, 2023
 ““Ingredients for Revolution” Offers a New Look at Social Justice Movement History” by Stef Rubino, Autostraddle, Jan 10, 2023:
Interviewed for “Inman Square has long been a sanctuary for feminist businesses,” Boston Business Journal, December 20, 2022,
Consulted on my research for September 29, 2022 episode of Atlas Obscura Podcast,
Interviewed for “Somerville bookshop owner follows a legacy of feminist businesses,” Boston Business Journal, June 30, 2022,
“Business for Women, Lesbians, and Feminists” on the Bad with Money Podcast, interviewed by Gaby Dunn, June 15, 2022,
“Cyberwitches: From Zoom rituals to casting spells with emojis” interviewed for Endless Thread,  May 23, 2022, WBUR Boston Public Radio,
On Kitchen Computers for Milk Street Radio, March 18, 2022, WGBH Boston Radio,
On Gettin' Air with Dr. Alex Ketchum, podcast interview with Terry Greene of Getting’Air: The Open Pedagogy Podcast, Feb 14, 2022. 
also on EdTech Radio on Feb 16,
Engaged Scholarship with Dr. Alex Ketchum, podcast interview with Women in Archaeology Podcast, Jan 23, 2022.
On Engaging in Public Scholarship, podcast episode interview with the Self-Compassionate Professor, January 9, 2022.
“What's the Recipe for a Queer Cookbook? (feat. Dr. Alex Ketchum)” interview episode on the podcast A Queered Taste, September 25, 2021. 
 Interviewed by Eva Julia van Dam for La Gazette des Femmes, July 22, 2021: 
“Interview with Dr. Alex Ketchum,” Preserve Journal, April 8, 2021, (volume 17)

“On the Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications and Technologies Speaker Series” radio interview on CKUT 90.3 Montreal, January 11, 2021, and

Podcast Interview with Anthropodish: “Feminist Restaurants and Accessible Scholarship,” November 9, 2020

Podcast Interview with Femidish: “Feminism, Anarchy, and AI," October 20, 2020

"Breaking Down Barriers: Alexandra Ketchum, McGill Faculty Lecturer at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies chose to bring light to these issues by creating the Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications, and Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series" by Alexandrine Royer for McGill Arts Bulletin, December 3, 2019.

Interview with CBC Radio Montreal's "Daybreak" on March 15, 2018

“The Scholar Mapping America’s Forgotten Feminist Restaurants”, interview with Reina Gattuso of Atlas Obscura, June 22, 2019

“Reclaiming Cooking: The Legacy of Feminist Restaurants”, interview with Sarah Cooke of Fembot Magazine, July 9,  2019,

Interviewed for Oyler, Lauren. "Eating Out, as a Feminist." Broadly. 28 Sept, 2015

Interviewed for Vice Magazine: Kennedy, Alicia. "This Consciousness Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist." MUNCHIES. Vice Magazine, 20 July, 2018

"Discriminatoires, les gyms pour femmes?, interview with Suzanne Colpron of La Presse, Dec 16, 2019,

“How to Start a Feminist Restaurant: A Chat with Alexandra Ketchum,” Interviewed by Nursing Clio on feminist restaurants on September 4, 2018:

Radio Interview: “Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola and Nantali Indongo - Are women-only spaces discriminatory?,” on CBC Radio (broadcasted to all of Quebec), December 23, 2019

Radio interview on CKUT 96.7, Sudburry, Ontario’s "Eat This, Drink That," July 4, 2019

Book reviewed by Liisbeth: Field Notes for Feminists in Business on March 16, 2018

Interviewed on Beer Today, Beer Tomorrow on September 29, 2017:

Interviewed by Radio-Canada: Winnipeg by Martine Bordeleau. « la journée de la femme et le mouvement d'identité féministe dans des restaurants>>; March 8, 2017. (interview starts at 7h24)

Interviewed by student journalists of the Wesleyan Argus on my invited guest talk on Capitalism, Feminism, and Restaurants,, October 8, 2018

Interviewed for Zapata, Mariana. "Add a Surrealist Touch to Your Thanksgiving with these Dali Recipes" Atlas Obscura. November 23, 2016.

Project featured on the Quebec Gay Archives website on May 28, 2018:

Research cited by Maria McGrath in “Living feminist: the liberation and limits of countercultural business and radical lesbian ethics at Bloodroot Restaurant”:

Foodstock Conference at Wesleyan, Spring 2012, video of panel "Food as a Topic of Scholarly Pursuit," speaking about my undergraduate honor's thesis and food in academia:

Also, one of Ketchum's students Eléa Regembal recently created a map about Montreal lesbian bars:

Book Reviews 
“Book Review of Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry by Anna Zeide." Environmental History, January 2020, Volume 20, Number 5

“Book Review of Cleaner, Greener, Healthier: A Prescription for Stronger Canadian Environmental Laws and Policies by David R. Boyd." The Goose: The Journal for the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada, Spring Issue 2018, Volume 16, Number 2.

“Book Review of The Politics of the Pantry." Cuizine: The Journal of Canadian Food Cultures Cuizine:/Revue des cultures culinaires au Canada,Volume 5, Number 2, 2014.

Encyclopedia Entries
“Restaurant Management” in Albala, Ken. The Sage Encyclopedia of Food Issues. Sage Publications, 2015:  1203-1206.