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Below is the map of all of the feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses that I have found in my research. This map is useful to visualize the locations of these restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses. If you visited the site prior to July 28, 2016 you only had access to the Beta Data Map.

Remember that if you wish to write about or use my maps or directory you need to cite both Alex Ketchum and this website. 

Magenta bubbles represent verified feminist, lesbian, and women’s restaurants, coffeehouses, and cafes. Blue circles mark women-friendly establishments mentioned in the various women’s travel guides and feminist and lesbian periodicals (these include some establishments targeted towards gay men that also welcomed women). These spaces were women owned (but not identified as feminist) or advertised as being spaces where women and lesbians were welcome to eat alone or as a couple. The blue list is incomplete but provides a sample of the kinds of spaces women would use for socializing and that were advertised to women to socialize in that were not explicitly women’s spaces/ feminist spaces/ lesbian spaces.

Please note that the international map is only accurate to the city level, not the exact street address. 

If the embedded map is glitchy, go to this link:


Also, please go to the directory page to contribute to the project by informing the researcher about any feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses that you know about.


I have also created maps of the Feminist Nexus of Businesses in 1981 in various locations.

Here is the link for the one in Tampa, Florida:

Madison, Wisconsin:

Portland, Oregon: